Dishwashers Buying Guide

The StaxAppliances team knows it can be a bit overwhelming when trying to select an appliance for your home, this is why we have put together some important information to consider before you buy!

Consider this

Size – usually 600mm wide 820-860mm high and 600mm deep but for more compact spaces you have the option of a slim 450mm wide or single dishdraws. Always measure up your existing dishwasher if replacing it or measure up the cabinet space available?

Place Setting – 9, 12, 14? Basically the higher the number the more plates it will wash, regardless always keep the dishwasher full before you wash!

Program options – delay start and half load options are programs you must have as these will save you on water and energy bills

Water & energy – look for the water and energy rating labels! The more stars the more efficient the dishwasher is going to be

Safety – anti-flood protection and child locks are good features to have!


Built-in – as the name states the dishwasher is built-in under your kitchen bench, usually with the side and top panels removed so it fits securely within the cabinetry.

Freestanding – come with the sides and top and it is not fixed within the cabinetry so you are able to easily move the dishwasher if you are planning to move in the future.

Dishdrawer – with the options of a single or double drawer, it is the most convenient type for loading dishes and avoid bending over

Semi Integrated – are built-in dishwashers that come with the visible control panel and the rest is a door panel to match your kitchen cabinetry. Installations by a cabinet maker can be pricey but these look great in your kitchen

Fully Integrated – are also built-in dishwashers with hidden controls so the whole door panel can integrate with your kitchen, make it look like it is not even there. Installations by a cabinet maker can be pricey but these look great in your kitchen

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