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Fridges & Freezers Buying Guide

The StaxAppliances team knows it can be a bit overwhelming when trying to select an appliance for your home, this is why we have put together some important information to consider before you buy!

Consider this

Size (capacity in Litres)
  • 1-2 people 150-300 Litres
  • 3-4 people 300-500 Litres
  • 5 + 500 Litres or more
Recommended to leave 20-30mm left and right side and about 50mm behind the fridge or freezer, also consider enough clearance at delivery – doors, stairs, etc

Door Opening
Stand in front of the fridge/freezer, generally the hinge is on the right and handle on the left but if you want the opposite some manufacturers offer the Left hinge option with the handle on the right.

Frost Free
Frost free fridges or freezer use fans to circulate the air and do not accumulate ice. The opposite is the manual defrosting which involves turning off the appliance to let it defrost.

Water & Ice Dispensers
You will require an authorised plumber to install the water connection. It is ideal to have the water taps close to the fridge’s location but extensions can be made, consult with your installer. Alternatively we also supply “non-plumbed” fridges with water dispensers which simply carry a container behind the door for easy chilling and refilling.


Top Mount – refers to fridges with the freezer on top and fridge on the bottom, generally less freezer capacity and less expensive than Bottom Mounts.
Bottom Mount – refers to fridges with freezer on the bottom and fridge on top, generally more freezer capacity so it makes ideal to store more food for longer.

Bar Fridges – small and compact, single door and can come with a manual defrost freezer compartment, perfect for small apartments or as a second fridge next to the BBQ to store some cold beers.

Side by Side – 4 or more in your family, get this one! Fridge on one side and freezer on the other. You can store more food, more veggies for longer, large capacities and handy features like water & ice dispenser, alarm and temperature control.

French Door – also referred to as 3 or 4 door fridges, generally the top 2 are the fridge compartments and the bottom one or two which are drop downs or pull out doors are freezers, Ideal for big families, entertainers and businesses.

Chest Freezers – or the good old tucker box are freezer only with a lid that opens up. It can store large amounts of food so you can buy in bulk and save money but remember these have to be manually defrosted which means turning it off and draining the water.

Vertical Fridges – or upright fridges are single door fridges only with shelves or draws compartments.

Vertical Freezers – or upright freezers are single door freezers only with shelves or draws compartments. Some are frost free but some would have to be manually defrosted.

Wine Chillers – for the wine enthusiast you can now store your beloved wine. Most feature how many bottles it can store, adjustable temperature control, telescopic rails and two separate zones for temperature isolation.

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